PharmaSecure launches WhatsApp Product Verification

(An Official publication of PharmaSecure)

In 2007, PharmaSecure was launched with a vision to protect the world from the threat of counterfeit goods. PharmaSecure believes in creating robust, secure, and scalable hardware and software solutions to strengthen supply chains and protect brands against counterfeiting while deriving value from engaging patients and improving health outcomes. PharmaSecure generated unique serial numbers/codes through its patented algorithm system. These serial numbers/codes are applied to products that can be pharma or non-pharma. These serial numbers/codes once applied to a product, helps to identify every product uniquely along the entire supply chain.

When a consumer receives the product, they can verify the authenticity of this product by validating the serial number/code which is printed on the product. The medium till now through which the customer verifies the product was through the web or SMS. As technology has advanced, PharmaSecure has introduced this service on WhatsApp as well. With more than a billion downloads, WhatsApp is a very popular application which connects people worldwide and is widely accessible even in a remote location. In an effort to ensure that consumer safety, the code verification process now also has been introduced on WhatsApp. So now, the customers can verify their product by sending the unique serial number/ code on WhatsApp and get to know if the product is genuine or not. This is a step towards ensuring brand protection and increasing consumer safety from counterfeit products.

This move is intended as a step ahead to accomplish PharmSecure’s vision.

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