PharmaSecure CEO shares best practices for traceability at GS1 Jordan Webinar

(An Official publication of PharmaSecure)

Nakul Pasricha was invited as a keynote speaker at the GS1 Jordan Webinar on Traceability and Healthcare. At the webinar, held on October 27, Nakul spoke on the “Implementation of Traceability and data sharing in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Supply Chain.”

He began his presentation by stressing on the need of a simplified global standard for effective implementation in compliance with increasing legal requirements for product traceability; to which he said, GS1 standards are now widely accepted by regulators globally. Nakul’s keynote presentation covered diverse and essential areas concerning traceability. It included a detailed and illustrated presentation on traceability and data sharing—to allow a better understanding of how healthcare providers and the pharmaceutical industry can implement them effectively.

Some of the useful and practical recommendations Nakul Pasricha shared to understand GS1 standards and gain knowledge for successful implementations included:

• To take advantage of the abundant resources available to understand GS1 standards to make implementation a success;
• To evaluate the right solution for your manufacturing and packaging environment based on volumes, plant layout, infrastructure, etc. There is no “one size fits all” approach;
• To be patient since traceability implementation is a journey—plan enough time to ensure one does not cut corners that may lead to rework later; and
• Data analytics, patient engagement, diversion detection and other applications are crucial to accomplish thriving traceability.

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