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Compliant. Customisable. Complete.

A smooth supply chain system calls for serialization that can handle unpredictable demand and manufacturing delays. That’s why we offer robust and adaptable solutions which let your operations flow with minimal disruptions. These include our cutting-edge software, psID manage suite and psID TruTrak, a full-service suite of hardware and software solutions. All at affordable prices.

Global Compliance

Stay on top of compliance complexities with our agile serialization system. Most countries have their own serialization regulations to create a safe and standardized supply system.

With this in mind, our software is fully tested, documented and compliant with different mandates across the world. We also support our clients for any changes in existing mandates and prepare them for upcoming mandates.

psID TruTrak is PharmaSecure’s one-stop suite of hardware and software solutions for intelligent supply chain traceability. TruTrak ensures product visibility along the supply chain right from the point of manufacturing to the point of sale. Its definitive solutions combined with precise implementation and ongoing support help you effectively protect your most important asset – your brand.

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psID® Suite of Software

An L1-L4 suite of software that caters to all packaging levels, enabling efficient traceability and insights into your supply chain. Our superior software solutions use a patented code generation algorithm that guarantees uniqueness and provides unmatched security plus scalability. Our software is highly adaptable and compatible with most hardware in the market, although we recommend PharmaSecure’s TruTrak hardware for seamless integration and implementation.

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Need accessories for your serialization software? Choose psID TruTrak for an integrated suite of software and hardware solutions. These include robust machines for printing, serialization, aggregation, bundle scanning and stack feeding.