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Secure your products with the best-in-class security with cost-effective serialization. Our patented system ensures scalability and code uniqueness. Highly adaptable, it can be adopted as a complete integrated solution, or as a software suite, easily integrated with pre-existing hardware. Fully documented and built to ensure compliance with current and changing mandates across the world.

Track and Trace

Create a totally transparent supply network that can handle complex tracking issues and dynamic demand. With the psID Trail Track and Trace System, you can efficiently prevent counterfeiting and track inventory at every stage – from the manufacturing stage to final delivery. Moreover, use insights to improve sales and optimise costs on distribution.

Product Authentication

Protect consumers and strengthen your brand with our product authentication solutions. Our patented psID system generates unique codes that can be easily scanned by consumers to verify products. Not only does this help in anti-counterfeiting, cut significant losses but also helps build trust and brand loyalty.


Drive lasting engagement, retention and build solid relationships across your supply network. Our loyalty platform can be used to create multi-channel programs for your customers, retailers and influencers. Use smart technology to effectively connect with them and boost your return on investment and sales.


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Why PharmaSecure?

Trusted provider and knowledge expert in pharmaceuticals  

We have over 13 years of experience with pharmaceutical clients – some of the largest pharmaceutical companies rely on us for their regulatory serialisation and brand protection needs.

Moreover, our unrivalled after-sales service helps clients seamlessly carry on their operations and manufacturing.

Proven cutting-edge technology

Till date PharmaSecure has issued and applied 5 billion codes, more than 450 packaging line integrations with over 20 hardware providers.

Our patented system ensures scalability, code uniqueness and best-in-class security.

We provide database-less technology that eliminates the security risks of conventional solutions.

Experts in track-and-trace regulatory compliance

In an ever-evolving regulatory environment, it’s important for companies to stay future-fit. This is especially true for companies exporting across the globe.

So, to ensure complete regulatory compliance for our clients, we support them for current as well as upcoming mandates.

Tested solutions that smoothly integrate into your operations

With PharmaSecure, you can safely expect minimal disruption to your existing manufacturing process and negligible downtime of manufacturing lines.

Our platform effortlessly integrates with industry-standard printers and verification systems.

Hear it from our clients

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