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    Our Products

    Serialization Solutions

    PharmaSecure’s serialization solutions include our multi-line management system, psID® Manage, with a complete L1-L5 solution, along with all hardware. The solution can be adopted as a complete integrated solution, or as a software suite that is easily integrated with pre-existing hardware. Our proven solution has been used by clients to comply with various global mandates, including EU FMD, DSCSA, DGFT, Saudi FDA and Russia.

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    Track-and-Trace Solutions

    PharmaSecure’s leading track and trace solutions help you gain insight on the movement of your products in the supply chain to maintain security and detect infiltration of counterfeits. Products are uniquely barcoded at the point of manufacturing and scanned as they move through the supply chain, producing a complete record of product movement and providing data analytics on efficiency and availability that can be used for optimization.

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    Product Authentication Solutions

    Enhance and strengthen your brand with our product authentication solutions which not only help in recovering revenue lost from counterfeiting or diversion but also in building loyalty. Our patented psID® system generates unique codes that are applied onto products and verify by consumers at the point of purchase, thus preventing, detecting and even responding to the counterfeit threat in an effective, efficient manner.

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    Patient Support Services

    PharmaSecure’s psConnect brings over 100,000 patients, 5,000 doctors, 800 medical reps and multiple healthcare providers together on a single platform to create measurable impact on patient health and adherence to medication. We utilize an accurate, user-friendly and flexible suite of technology-enabled solutions in order to help you in gaining competitive insights on patient usage of your brand and those of your competitors, to improve your marketing and salesforce effectiveness while improving patient health.

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    Benefits of our Solutions

    Cut down your losses by

    • Detecting and detering counterfeiting
    • Restricting product diversion
    • Empowering consumers
    • Gaining supply chain visibility and traceability

    Boost Business by

    • Tracking field force efficiency
    • Connecting with and incentivizing consumer
    • Collecting valuable data for supply chain optimization
    • Building customer loyalty