New security features to be expected for Liquor Bottles

(An Official publication of PharmaSecure)

After current security solution for alcohol was implemented, excise department found cases in Delhi where the liquor companies were duplicating the barcode meant as a security feature.

Under the current security solution each bottle or carton is barcoded with a 2D Datamatrix which helps to authenticate the product as well as track the inventory down the supply chain. This barcode also has details regarding the manufacturing of the product which includes the batch number, manufacturer details, date of bottling etc. TCS generates the barcode with a unique serial number and gives it to the manufacturer where it is affixed on the product. This helps the excide department to keep a track of every product in the supply chain and identify smuggled, spurious or counterfeited products.

But after cases of duplicity were discovered by the excise department, they have sought help from a government corporation to print labels with additional security featured which will help prevent their replication.

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