PharmaSecure receives Award from GS1 India for Standards-based Implementations

(An Official publication of PharmaSecure)

PharmaSecure was recently honoured with the GS1 India Award for Strong Commitment to Implementation of Standards-based Solutions, which is not just immense recognition; it is validation that a standards-based approach is the most efficient and effective way to ensure compliance with pharmaceutical regulatory standards and achieve the aim of universal patient safety.

Key Highlights of PharmaSecure’s GS1 Award Achievement:

  • By incorporating GS1 standards into its solutions, PharmaSecure has enhanced the efficiency and traceability of the supply chain. 
  • This integration allows for more effective tracking of pharmaceutical products.
  • It ensures their authenticity and safety throughout the supply chain, from manufacture to distribution. 
  • This approach streamlines operations and builds greater trust and transparency in the pharmaceutical sector.
  • It involves a deepened commitment to advancing solutions that bolster the integrity and reliability of pharmaceutical products.

PharmaSecure’s focus is on continuous innovation, aiming to set new industry benchmarks and address emerging challenges in the pharmaceutical sector.  PharmaSecure feels honoured to receive this recognition, and recommits to keep pushing the boundaries of technology to improve the security and effectiveness of pharmaceutical goods. The focus is on continuous innovation to raise standards and tackle new challenges in the pharmaceutical industry. 

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