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QR Codes for Pharmaceutical Authentication

PharmaSecure’s industry-leading, encryption-based code generation lies at the heart of our QR coding and verification solution for the Indian pharmaceutical industry to comply with India’s mandate for the Top 300 drugs.

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We provide a tried-and-tested, complete hardware and software solution for complying with the mandate and protecting your brands against counterfeiting.

Why QR Codes?

India's drug pricing authority has identified the top 300 brands of drugs. These brands are mandated to incorporate QR codes on their packaging, a significant step towards ensuring product authenticity.

Making the Supply Chain Transparent

QR codes provide visibility into the supply chain by providing instant access to vital data from manufacturer to consumer at every stage of the journey. Not only do they enhance transparency, but they also serve as a great way to engage distributors and retailers.

Protecting Patients

Perhaps most importantly, QR codes empower end consumers to scan and verify the authenticity of the medicines they purchase. This proactive approach safeguards patients from unknowingly using spurious or substandard medications, bolstering confidence in the pharmaceutical sector and creating a link to patients that can be used for engagement and support.

Verification Made Easy

PharmaSecure simplifies verification with a user-friendly process:


Scan the QR code on the product.


Access PharmaSecure's or the brand's customised verification webpage.


Confirm the authenticity of your purchased product and get access to the mandated information, namely:

  • Serial Number
  • Unique Product Identification Code
  • Proper and Generic Name of the Drug
  • Brand NameName and Address of the Manufacturer
  • Batch Number
  • Date of Manufacturing
  • Date of Expiry
  • Manufacturing License Number

PharmaSecure's Comprehensive Solution

TruTrak is PharmaSecure's comprehensive suite of hardware and software solutions for intelligent supply chain traceability.

With TruTrak, you can:

  • Gain real-time visibility into your supply chain
  • Ensure product integrity and authenticity at every step
  • Protect your brand and your customers
  • Comply with regulatory requirements seamlessly

As part of this solution, PharmaSecure offers complete L1-L3 Serialization through our psID® suite of Software. Our suite includes:

psID® Manage: An enterprise-level serialisation solution that integrates seamlessly with your manufacturing and packaging setup to meet barcoding requirements.

psID® Imprint: Specifically designed to connect in real-time to printers and scanning devices, ensuring the integrity of each serial number. It streamlines code requests, printing, and inspection.

Complete hardware, including serialization machines, bundle scanners, print-and-apply systems, and much more, are provided under the TruTrak umbrella. We can also implement our solution using your existing hardware, with upgrades as required. Installation and validation services are provided as well.

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PharmaSecure is a member of GS1 Healthcare and an authorised GS1 solution provider in India, so our solution is entirely in line with GS1 standards.

Why PharmaSecure?

Proven Reputation

Trusted by the largest pharmaceutical companies for over 13 years, we excel in regulatory serialisation and brand protection.

Track-and-Trace Expertise

We ensure companies exporting to 40+ countries maintain regulatory compliance, adapting to the ever-changing environment.

Proven Technology

Over 6 billion codes issued and applied, patented system for scalability, uniqueness, and security.

Seamless Integration

Minimal changes to existing manufacturing processes, seamless integration with industry-standard equipment.

Value Addition

Derive downstream benefits from serialisation, including product authentication and market intelligence solutions.