Protecting your Brands, Increasing Consumer Loyalty

ProductSecure™ is the non-pharma division of PharmaSecure. Our Vision is to protect products against counterfeiting by uniquely identifying each pack sold.
We offer Brand Protection, Consumer Loyalty & Engagement and Market Intelligence solutions to sectors such as:

  • Consumer Goods / FMCG (includes Home & Personal Care, Foods & Beverages, Liquor & Tobacco verticals)
  • Consumer Durables
  • Luxury Goods
  • Agri Products & Fertilizers
  • Lubricants, Building Materials & Industrial Chemicals
  • Auto-Components & Spare Parts, and several others

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Brand Protection Solutions – psID™ & psVerify™

We enable you to provide a unique identity to each pack / unit coming off your line. This can be done either by –

  • Applying bright coloured, eye-catching labels with scratch-off or peel-off portions that obscure a unique human readable code / scannable 2D data matrix.
  • Data matrix or human-readable codes printed directly on packages allow for low unit cost protection. We enable & facilitate deployment with minimal alterations to production.

Both these solutions can be integrated with a variety of other security features, if desired.

Consumers, retailers and others in the supply chain can verify these codes by text SMS, smartphone apps or through a Web Portal. While labels alone can lead to healthy registration rates, if deployed along with incentives for consumers or retailers to verify, even higher rates of registration can be attained. Targeted Marketing / Awareness Campaigns can have a further booster effect.

Consumer Engagement & Loyalty - psConnect™

Uniquely identifying your pack can open the doors for deeper engagement with your consumers & channel partners. The advantage we offer is that you can be confident of engaging with a bonafide user of your products rather than rely on claimed user-ship that many traditional marketing programs rely on. Our solutions are flexible enough so they can also be integrated with your existing loyalty programs.

Our offering psConnect™ helps you understand consumer preferences and provide the right interventions to influence & reward loyalty. This approach enables retention and facilitates cross-selling / up-selling to existing customers. psConnect™ involves:

  1. Recruiting consumers through unique product IDs.
  2. Affect consumer behaviour through proven tools.
  3. Measure the impact.

Market Intelligence – psInsights™

Real Time Intelligence
We use technology that associates your uniquely identified pack with an individual consumer to help you understand key behavioural metrics of bonafide consumers. We can provide real-time, regional intelligence that you need to confidently implement strategic changes, monitor effectiveness of the field force or supply chain etc.
Sample areas we can help you address:

Sales & Marketing Professional

  • Tracking geography-wise effectiveness of programs & partners
  • Customers switching between products and related diagnostics

Operations / Supply Chain Professional

  • Tracking product diversion
  • Identifying vulnerable points in the supply chain
  • Maximizing efficiency
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