Transforming healthcare delivery in emerging markets by tracking the distribution of medicines and understanding the behavior and outcomes of the patients who use them.



Regulatory Serialization

PharmaSecure has a proven track record of implementing quality solutions that require few deviations from existing processes, minimizing down time of manufacturing lines. Wherever possible, we collaborate for seamless integration with industry standard printers, vision systems and other partners to help you meet regulatory requirements.

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Brand Protection

Solutions for high-value products, high-volume products, and leveraging regulatory serialization to create real value for your company. 

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Market Intelligence

If you are launching a new product, deploying a marketing strategy, or working in a competitive environment, you need psResearch.

We use technology that associates uniquely identified units of your product with the individual patient to help you understand key behavioral metrics of patients and their prescribers. We give you the real-time, regional intelligence that you need to confidently implement strategic change, monitor effectiveness of your field force, and understand which drivers of performance are most important.

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