PharmaSecure’s psID® Trail™ Track and Trace System ensures the visibility of drugs along the supply chain right from the time drug is manufactured till the drug is in the hands of a patient. This system helps in restricting counterfeited drugs from entering the supply chain thus, improving product recall processes and preventing expired products sales. It creates a chronological chain of events using the standards mentioned above to enable complete supply chain visibility and historical reporting.

PharmaSecure systems also utilize global standards to build and customize supply-chain visibility and security solutions which ensures global interoperability based on accepted and tested interfaces between various supply chain partners.

Our solution leverages the latest technology to deploy a full tracking model and enabling the sharing of information between stake holders across the full supply chain along with a greater transparency of the drugs movements on a unit level.

Potential Usage

  • Locate key events in your supply chain and track flagged events
  • Identify multiple points of verifications across different levels of packaging
  • Map key metrics, like time-to-market and regional verifications, that will help you identify inefficiencies in real-time
  • Favours efficient, fast and safe market recalls


  • Unique identity to each unit of your product
  • Security of your brand
  • Supply-chain visibility and security
  • Inventory visibility by knowing exactly what is where
  • Time-to-market visibility by analysing the supply-chain trends
  • Diversion detection, ensuring consignment reaches right destination
  • Insights into sales by distributors, wholesalers and other supply chain partners


Patient engagement

PsConnect is a fully integrated scalable and flexible patient engagement and disease management platform that drives better health outcomes and helps win customer loyalty. It has also been proven to be effective in increasing adherence and patient compliance on long term chronic regimens.

  • More than 100,000 patients use our services to manage their treatments
  • Almost 15,000 doctors use it to learn more about their patient’s progress on treatment
  • Access to almost 4000 field personnel (yet to give updated data)

And, all this is done through multiple communication channels like SMS, web, mobile app and counsellors.

How it works

  • Connect – psConnect helps in recruitment of patients from multiple channels like SMS, missed call & web, whichever can be convenient.
  • Effect – psConnect educates the patient regarding the treatment therapy & platform with the consent for initiating services.
  • Measure – psConnect helps in measuring the impact of care management by tracking the adherence

Why psConnect?

For patients
  • Beneficial health content
  • Reminders for refills, dosages, appointments
  • Emotional counselling over calls
  • Tools to track progress on treatment
  • Behaviour and Adherence drivers like
For brands
  • Real time data from end user
  • Analytics based on usage behaviour for driving sales & marketing strategies
  • Field force engagement / tracking
  • Tools for creating a differentiator
  • Positive bottom-line impact
For doctors
  • Better patient oversight using tools like Doctor Dashboard
  • Access to real-time patient data
  • Communication bridge with patient in-between consultation
  • myDoc cards that can be shared with patients to enrol into support programs
For healthcare providers
  • Patient data flow
  • access to more patients
  • Ready ecosystem for patient management