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Thoroughly transparent and secure tracking

With unprecedented events like a pandemic, supply chain control can get out of hand. But pandemic or not, complex supply chains come with complex tracking problems. Our psID Trail Track and Trace Solution efficiently tackles these using advanced technology to give you full control and instant insights. Built using established global standards and tested interfaces, it keeps you in the loop of your product whereabouts from the manufacturing stage to final delivery. Beyond tracking, you get actionable data for smarter sales and distribution decisions.

How it works

With the psID Trail Track and Trace Solution, you can track individual product units at every step of the supply chain. 

Unique and random alphanumeric codes are generated on a secure server and sent to the manufacturing facility via an encrypted file-transfer process.

Next, the coded files are decrypted at the manufacturing line, and printing is done directly on the product using variable data printing.

After printing, the codes are scanned and dispatched from the manufacturing unit to the distributors and the rest of the supply chain.

Every member of the chain scans the products entering and exiting their facility.

Key Benefits

  • Secure every single product
    Give a unique identity to every unit of your product and protect your brand.

  • Follow key events in your supply chain
    Trace a chronological chain of events as they happen, track flagged events and verification points across various levels of packaging.

  • Use insights from real-time reports
    Get helpful data from metrics like time-to-market and regional verifications. Detect inefficiencies, product diversion, bottlenecks and make quick recalls.

  • Get a better handle on sales
    Analyse reports on sales by distributors, wholesalers and other supply chain partners.
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