Whether you’re looking to buy efficient packaging accessories or a full suite of serialization software and hardware, we have you covered.

psID TruTrak is PharmaSecure’s one-stop suite of hardware and software solutions for intelligent supply chain traceability.  TruTrak ensures product visibility along the supply chain right from the point of manufacturing to the point of sale. Its definitive solutions combined with precise implementation and ongoing support help you effectively protect your most important asset – your brand.

Individual Hardware

Explore our built-to-last machines designed to easily integrate with your existing software.

psID® TruTrakTM Serialization Machine

A highly customizable machine, it enables the serialization of products using a top-of-the-line printing system and advanced vision sensors.

psID® TruTrakTM Serialization & Aggregation Machine

This smart workstation enables the serialization of pharmaceutical packs and defines a parent-child relationship between the lowest level of packaging and the highest level of packaging.

psID® TruTrakTM Bundle Scanning and Label Applicator Machine

A hybrid machine, it supports bundle scanning and labeling of the products after serialization. The packs are stacked in a bunch and sealed together using shrink wrap. Using its advanced vision sensors, the data is decoded and sent to the server. Once the recipe is completed and scanned, a final tertiary label is applied.

psID® TruTrakTM Pallet Aggregation Machine

A sophisticated customizable machine, it enables the pallet aggregation of pharmaceutical packs. It defines a parent-child relationship between the tertiary levels of packaging to the pallet level. The auto/manual machine is designed considering the aggregation needs of the industries at the pallet level.

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