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Product Authentication

Empower consumers and protect your brand with tech-enabled verification

The global trade in counterfeit medicines is on the rise. According to WHO statistics, 1 in 10 medical products in low- and middle-income countries is substandard or falsified.

Apart from being a risk to consumer health, counterfeiting is a serious financial threat, causing a loss to the global pharmaceutical industry of more than $200 billion annually. While not limited to pharmaceuticals, it is rampant in this industry.

Our Product Authentication solution helps you detect and prevent counterfeiting of your products. It also incentivises code verification by consumers and enables access to health information for patients.

How it works


Unique and random alphanumeric codes are generated on a secure server and sent to the manufacturing facility via an encrypted file-transfer process.


The coded files are decrypted at the manufacturing line, and printing is done directly on the product packaging using variable data printing.


The codes applied to the packs are activated by an authorized person, such as a quality assurance specialist, before shipping from the plant.


The consumer can verify the product by a simple scan, or via WhatsApp or text message using the unique code printed on the medicine.

Key Benefits

Get full data on
counterfeit activity

Our authentication system detects the locations of likely counterfeit sellers, provides you with their geo-coordinates and buyer phone numbers. Use this to confiscate counterfeited products and take legal action.

Protect against
brand damage

Establish yourself as a responsible manufacturer and avoid the negative reviews and press that imitation goods generate.

Prevent economic

Save potential costs on replacement and damage control. Fake products badly dent your bottom line by eating into your sales.