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Build lasting loyalty across your
supply network

The post-pandemic world calls for smarter omnichannel customer experiences and a resilient supply network. Get your business ready for this with the PharmaSecure loyalty platform. Dial up supply chain profitability, customer lifetime value, brand strategy and more.

Influencer & Channel Partner Loyalty

Keeping channel members motivated is one of the biggest challenges in supply chain management. Without their consistent support, your sales can take a real hit. So, for a truly interconnected and agile supply network, it’s key to build trusted relationships with channel members. This calls for regularly rewarding, training and efficiently coordinating with them. Supply partner loyalty goes a long way in optimizing promotional and distribution costs and improving profitability.

Engaging the right influencers is key for shaping customer buying decisions in your favour. As influencers are not a direct part of the sales transaction, an organized loyalty program helps to stay connected with them and propel brand advocacy.

Key Benefits

Attract and retain more customers

Leverage your strong supply partner relationships for driving sales.

Optimise inventory management and planning

Save potential costs on replacement and damage control. Fake products badly dent your bottom line by eating into your sales.

Incentivise loyal influencers to promote your brand

Keep existing influencers happy and devoted to endorsing your business

Better monitor your influencer marketing impact

Reassess and refine your influencer marketing strategies using insights from the platform.

Customer/ Consumer Loyalty

Elevated customer
experiences made easy.

It’s proven that retaining loyal customers is more profitable than acquiring new ones. Not only do they spend more on your business but also promote it through referrals. But today, it’s vital to think beyond just retention and engagement as the modern-day customer expects an integrated multi-channel experience. With our customer loyalty platform, you can create a personalized experience for your valued customers and fortify bonds with new ones.

Key Benefits

Build trust and traceability with unique codes

Our patented serialization software generates fully unique product codes to digitize inventory and prevent counterfeiting.

Drive retention and loyalty

Increase customer usage and incentivize customers to make repeat purchases and referrals.

Seamlessly integrate with various digital fulfilment providers

Support easy integration with vendors, merchants and external fulfilment providers.

Increase competitive advantage and brand engagement

Learn more about your customer to better meet their preferences and demand.

How it works


PharmaSecure’s patented, database-less, unique coding software generates irreplicable codes for transparent tracking of inventory and added layers of security.


Before purchase, customers can scan the product to verify its authenticity.


After completing the purchase, customers can easily connect with the loyalty platform by scanning the QR code to register and enjoy loyalty benefits.