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ProductSecure, a division of PharmaSecure, was founded in 2015 to extend PharmaSecure’s expertise in supply chain traceability solutions to sectors other than pharmaceuticals. These include food and beverages, fast-moving consumer goods, nutritional products, agricultural products, automotive components and industrial goods. Today, serialization and traceability are standard practices in these industries with consumers growing increasingly discerning and aware of their rights. Essentially, ProductSecure’s vision is to help brands improve product safety, prevent counterfeiting and create more robust supply chains.

ProductSecure’s scalable solutions help manufacturers better manage inventory, distribution and pave the way for a more sustainable future.

  • Secure individual products and enable easy product verification 
  • Get batch-level visibility at every step of the supply chain right down to the final consumer 
  • Use real-time reports to detect diversions and dead stock and make quick recalls
  • Maintain quality standards and prevent food wastage for sustainability
  • Combat counterfeiting, illegal trade and meet regulatory mandates
  • Increase consumer trust, safety and brand loyalty
  • Get consumer insights to improve marketing and product development
  • Enhance sales and supply chain profitability

Brand Protection

Empower consumers and strengthen your brand with our product authentication solutions.

Counterfeiting is a serious financial threat that can damage brand reputation and product sales in a big way. Product authentication not only plays an important role in preventing counterfeiting but also cuts significant economic losses and helps build consumer trust and brand loyalty.

Our patented psID system creates attractive labels with a unique and random alphanumeric code, using a peel-off or tear-off section that hides the code. A scannable 2D data matrix can also be printed directly on the product to enable easy scanning by consumers.  What’s more, our authentication system detects the locations of likely counterfeit sellers, provides you with their geo-coordinates and buyer phone numbers. Use this to confiscate counterfeited products and take legal action.

scan qr code with smartphone and coin vector illustration design

Track and Trace


Stay fully in the loop of your product whereabouts from the manufacturing stage to final delivery.

ProductSecure’s Track and Trace solutions use established industry standards and tested interfaces to create a timeline chain of events, enabling complete supply chain visibility and historical reporting. Our solutions tackle complex tracking challenges using advanced technology to give you full control and instant insights. Beyond tracking, you get actionable data for smarter sales and distribution decisions.

‘Track’ allows forward visibility to confirm the product’s intended route to the point of care. ‘Trace’ allows for backward visibility to identify product transfer and location history from the time of manufacture.


Dial up supply chain profitability, customer lifetime value, brand strategy and more. 

Build long-term engagement, retention and strong relationships across your entire supply chain. Our loyalty platform can be used to create multi-channel and multi-campaign programs for customers, retailers and influencers. Our unique Loyalty solutions go beyond just engagement and retention and enable you to identify key success factors for effective customer engagement.

With our Customer Loyalty platform, you can create a personalized experience for your valued customers and fortify bonds with new ones. Next, our Retailer Loyalty platform lets you build trusted relationships with retailers by regularly rewarding, training and efficiently coordinating with them. Finally, our Influencer Loyalty Platform helps you consistently engage with the right influencers for shaping customer buying decisions in your favor.

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