CRPT is the new operator in Russia Serialisation

From November 1, 2018, Russia’s serialisation was moved under the new leadership of a new operator CRPT. All functionalities of the systems built will remain the same so that the transition can be smooth.
This move was to take place after Government Decree No. 791-r and No. 792-r were published. The main highlight of this decree was the introduction of crypto-codes for each pair of product code and serial number. Even though in the above-mentioned decree Medical products were not included, in August, all these doubts were put to rest with the release of the Government Decree no. 1018, which confirmed the role of CRPT as the operator of Russia Serialisation (Markirovka) from November 1, 2018
CRPT is said to have announced close to 3-Billion-dollar investment in this project. CRPT stands to gain payment for each crypto-code that they generate, paid by the manufacturer, as well as collection of large amount of data on product data, sales, product movements etc. CRPT has assured that they are under strict government controls on the use of the collected data.
With all the new developments brewing up in the Russian serialisation atmosphere, there are a lot of questions hanging in thin air, as the proposed timeline is coming closer.
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