Market Intelligence

Real time Market Intelligence

Observe verified product users to understand key behavioral metrics about them and their prescribers. Market intelligence provided by PharmaSecure’s solution is real-time, regional and actionable.

Generate insights that you can confidently use for strategic change, monitor effectiveness of your field force and understand drivers of performance.


  • Create event
    • Geographic diversion
    • Over-verfications
    • Verification spread across in time and space
  • Create loyalty opportunities by understanding patient behavior
  • Understand key reasons for dropouts
  • Understand influencers for drop-outs
  • Incorporate learnings from observing lonitudinal user behavior

Sample Market Intelligence Metrics:

Geographic Diversion Alerts

  • Track package interactions across countries
  • Filter data by product, SKU, Batch No., date and time of interaction
  • Create alerts for events like geographic diversion, multiple verifications on one code, verifications spread across in time and space

Understanding demographic gender and age representation on program

The age and gender dashboard shows brand managers sales split amongst the purchasing population


Understanding prescriber loyalty

Prescriber loyalty can be analyzed by tracking drug changes among patients. This can be used to validate the efforts of field teams or help them change strategies. Out of the 256 patients of Doctor 1, 95% of them have continued on therapy vs. 88% of the 35 patients of Doctor 10.

Time to Market

This supply chain efficiency metric shows average time to market (in days) of hypertension brands across three different manufacturers. Manufacturer 3 time to market is notable.
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